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'Game of Thrones': Burning Questions in the Aftermath of the Purple Wedding

Last week, “Game of Thrones” fans gleefully said goodbye to King Joffrey, who was killed at his wedding feast.

Now that the Purple Wedding is behind us, what’s next? Here are our burning questions:

Who killed King Joffrey? The teen’s Uncle Tyrion was arrested, but the killer could have been anyone. Everyone in the realm hated Joffrey. His grandfather Twyin despised him, his new wife Margaery found him tyrannical, Sansa Stark held him responsible for killing most of her family, his Uncle Stannis was trying to take the throne from him… and the list goes on. Click here for a hint

king-joffrey[Credit: HBO]

Who will sit the Iron Throne? If the Lannisters can keep their grip on King's Landing then Joffrey’s little brother Tommen Baratheon would be the next in line.

Is Tyrion being falsely accused… again?! The little lord nearly met his doom in the Eyrie when he was falsely accused of hiring an assassin to kill Bran Stark. Will he opt for trial by combat again, and will Bronn step in as his champion?

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Can Sansa Stark finally escape the Lannisters? Ser Dontos grabbed Sansa amid the chaos, but where did they go? Is she finally free?

What about Tyrion’s GF/prostitute Shae? We know Tywin asked for Shae to be brought to the Tower of the Hand, but Bronn told Tyrion that Shae was safely on a boat bound for Pentos.

Are Jamie Lannister and Lady Brienne in love? After that awkward moment between Brienne and Queen Cersei… we have to assume our favorite warrior princess is in love with the one-handed Kingslayer, but does he love her back?

Does Daenerys take Meereen? When we saw her last, the Mother of Dragons was on the gruesome trail to Meereen. What does she find when she gets there?

Can Jon Snow convince the Night's Watch that the Wildlings are coming? There is going to be a battle at The Wall, whether or not the Crows believe Jon's story. Hopefully Castle Black can prepare for the showdown in time.

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