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Will Howard Stern Replace Letterman? The Shock Jock Speaks Out

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with Howard Stern on the red carpet for “America’s Got Talent,” reacting to the news that David Letterman is retiring.

Stern confessed, “I’m actually really affected by it. It feels like wow we’re all getting older. I watched it last night, watched him retire. It seems unthinkable to me because he’s always been there.”
Stern gives credit to Letterman for helping him with his career. “When I was a young guy, I was new to NBC radio. NBC did not like me. I get a call from Letterman, saying, ‘Hey, I want to see you on my national show.’ Dave really enjoyed me and had me back. That was something that helped me, Dave giving me access to an audience with his show. It was very meaningful and having his endorsement is very meaningful and I’m actually sad to see him go.”

As for whether Howard could take Letterman’s place, Stern said, “I’m pretty busy between [‘America’s Got Talent’] and my radio show, and I’ve got a bunch of other things I’ve committed to do in 2014, so who knows who will replace Dave? I’d like to see them do something innovative.”