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‘True Detective 2’ Preview… At Least How Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen See It

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and pal Seth Rogen spoof “True Detective,” as only they can.

As fans of the show know, neither Matthew McConaughey nor Woody Harrelson will be back for the HBO show’s second season, which leaves the door open for Rogen and Kimmel to pick up where the first season left off.

This, of course, means the two must make out at some point.

Watch Kimmel’s trailer for "True Detective 2."

"Extra" caught up with Kimmel at SXSW, where the late-night host has been doing his show.

Jimmy opened up about becoming a father again with wife Molly. “My youngest son is 20 years old, I’m going to have to learn things and things have changed… It’s interesting like every ten years there seems to be a new approach, I’m going to have to learn things or just hope my wife does.”

Kimmel said Molly is feeling better after battling morning sickness. The couple doesn’t plan on finding out the gender of the baby, saying, “We don’t know, we’re not finding out.”

Jimmy also joked about his comedic feud with Matt Damon, saying, “Damon is not getting anywhere near that kid, I don’t care if he does own a zoo.”

When the conversation turned to Jimmy Fallon and the "Tonight Show," Kimmel said he keeps an eye on what the other late-night shows are doing. “Of course we watch, believe me, we watch each other like hawks.”  

Jimmy will be back with more jokes from Austin Tuesday night on ABC.