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Naked Pics and Drug Talk? What Is on Justin Bieber's Phone?

Pop prince Justin Bieber probably wishes he had just put the egg carton away.
Biebs could be facing felony vandalism charges for allegedly egging a neighbor’s house last weekend. A 12-man SWAT team searched Justin’s Calabasas home on Tuesday, but what’s really making the pop singer sweat is the fact the cops took his phone.

TMZ reports police are only interested in any incriminating texts Justin may have sent about the egging, but Biebs is worried that some of the other content on his phone, like texts about drugs and naked pictures (we’re not sure of who), may leak to the world.

TMZ also debunked the rumors the Canadian native could be deported for the egging incident. The site says in order for Justin to be deported, he would have had to commit an “aggravated” offense, which includes possession of explosive materials or firearms, child porn, drug or human trafficking and other offenses… not egging a house.