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'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul and Michael Jackson Were Drinking Buddies?

Aaron Paul once did shots with Michael Jackson? Yes, that’s right… “Breaking Bad” star Jessie Pinkman and the King of Pop partied together!

Paul recounts the story in a new interview with Details magazine, and it’s pretty unbelievable.
The encounter occurred near London at a birthday party for Prince Azim of Brunei. M.J. was a guest, while Paul was attending as a plus one.
Aaron made an impression on Prince Azim, who was celebrating his 25th birthday, after some shenanigans that included chasing sheep and breaking a hovercraft.
Paul explained, "I was going back up to my room, and this guy grabs me and says, 'Hey, Prince Azim wants to see you in the library.’”
He continued, “So I go down there, and he's sitting on the couch with Michael Jackson, and me and Michael Jackson end up having this hour-long heart-to-heart about family and upbringings, and I remember, he just put his arm around my shoulder and said, 'You know, if you've had a rough childhood or not, it's all about forgiveness. Once you realize that, it's fine. Everything's fine.'”
Aaron agreed, and suggested they do a shot together. "And I'm like, 'Michael, you are absolutely right.’ And then I go, 'Do you want to do a shot?' And he goes, 'Sure!' And I was like, 'Okay, Michael, let's do this.'"