Why the Word ‘Diet’ Makes Alison Sweeney Cringe

The January issue of Redbook magazine features “The Biggest Loser” host Alison Sweeney looking gorgeous, healthy and giving an incredibly candid interview about dieting and body image in Hollywood. 

Ali said, “Diets are finite. They always have an end and they really set you up to fail when you go back to your life.”
She added, “I’m the first person to give myself an out. I’m a foodie. If I’m someplace where they’re famous for huevos rancheros, I’m ordering them.”
Sweeney also talks about why she relates so well to the contestants on “Biggest Loser.” “In an industry like Hollywood, it was really hard to deal with feeling like I was bigger than everyone else. I understand that feeling of being unhappy, looking in the mirror, being embarrassed, and not wanting to ask for help.”
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January 2014