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Halloween Twerk: The Best Miley Cyrus Costumes of 2013

With the year Miley Cyrus has had, it's no surprise the singer's twerking and wrecking ball costumes are set to be some of 2013's most popular Halloween costumes.

Here's a handy guide for fans who can't wait to unleash their inner Miley.

Miley's OG Twerk

The costume that started it all. Miley's unicorn onesie had YouTubers everywhere wondering, "Who's this twerking animal?" This suit can be yours for only $72 at TopShop.

VMAs Miley

miley vmas
Miley's teddy bear one-piece (available at Amazon.com). Throw in a foam finger, gold chain and hair ties -- and you've got a wild night on your hands. 

'Wrecking Ball' Miley

miley sledge
All you need to recreate this outfit is an undershirt (cut in half), tighty-whiteys, a pair of combat boots, and a bold red lip. Accent with a sledgehammer, if the party insists.

MJ Miley

23 miley
Pick up a Michael Jordan jersey (eBay has the best deals), throw on some white nail polish, a pair of gold hoop earrings, and boom: "23" video star in the making.

Hannah Montana

hannah montana

Even though Miley declared "Hannah Montana" dead on "Saturday Night Live," you can still re-live the old days with this throwback costume.

Ideas for Your Friends and Pets:

Robin Thicke
Grab a guy and dress him up! Pinstripes are in, and Miley needs something to grind on while on the dance floor this Halloween.

Pup Accessory


Dress your dog up as a wrecking ball -- genius. Find out how this costume was created, at Craftinomicon.blogspot.com.