Briana Cuoco Says Sister Kaley Encouraged Her to Audition for ‘The Voice’

“The Voice” contestant Briana Cuoco joined “Extra’s” Renee Bargh at Universal Studios Hollywood and opened up about having big sister Kaley Cuoco, star of “The Big Bang Theory,” in her corner.

Briana said Kaley was the one who encouraged her to audition. “She has been telling me to do it for years. ‘You have to go on ‘The Voice’ It’s the best show!’ The opportunity came and timing was everything and it just happened.”

The singer admitted she was hoping Adam Levine or Blake Shelton would choose her but was surprised when Christina Aguilera did. “I never thought in a million years Christina would turn around, to be honest with you. She’s like the best vocalist of all time. I never imagined she would actually turn around for me. It’s a huge compliment… She’s been incredibly lovely. I am incredibly lucky to be with her.”
The little sis is also incredibly happy on the news Kaley is engaged to Ryan Sweeting. “I am so excited for her. Ryan is the best guy on the planet. It’s just perfect.”  
Briana saying that no date has been set yet, but she is planning on serenading the happy couple. “We always talked and dreamt about me singing the first song at her wedding. So, hopefully, I'm expecting her to ask me!”
“The Voice” airs tonight on NBC!