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Carnie Wilson Recovering from Nerve Disorder

TV personality Carnie Wilson revealed on Twitter that she was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, a nerve disorder that causes partial facial paralysis.

"Just wanted you all 2 know that I have Bell's Palsy on lf side of face right now. Scary, unfortunate, but it goes away. A challenge! Love u," Wilson tweeted.

The disorder stems from damage to a facial nerve, resulting in weakness or drooping of the facial muscles on one side. The cause is unclear but is usually temporary.

Wilson also tweeted she is using acupuncture to help. "Ps Who believes in Acupuncture? I'm treating my Bell's Palsy with it. IT'S WORKING."

Prior to announcing her diagnosis, Wilson wrote, "I'm having such challenges right now - I'm praying for peace, health , order and serenity. Love everyone's tweets back to me. Luv u allxxxx."