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Mandy Moore Exits ABC Pilot: ‘I Asked to Step Aside’

Actress Mandy Moore won’t be a part of the ABC pilot “Pulling.”

According to Deadline.com, the show revolves around three dysfunctional women in their 30s living their lives the way they want, even if society tells them they should have it all figured out by this point.

As script and casting changes evolved, Moore felt she was no longer right to play her character. She told Deadline, “Many things change quickly as a pilot moves into production… it was clear this wasn’t right for me. Rather than jeopardize the show, I asked to step aside. They and ABC were very accommodating, and wish them all the best in the fall. It’s a terrific show that worked so well in the UK, I hope it gets the audience it deserves here.”

The show’s producers added, “Mandy is a pro, and has been very patient and accommodating with us… Mandy agreed to do what was best for the show. She’s an immensely gifted actress and we hope to have the pleasure of working with her again.”