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Live Streaming! Inside the Jodi Arias Murder Trial

The eyes of the nation are set on the Jodi Arias trial as the accused murderer takes the stand a second time. On Monday, she described a life of horror and abuse, before admitting to the jury that she killed Travis Alexander because he attacked her.

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The beautiful model is facing the death penalty in the cold-blooded slaying of her ex-boyfriend, who was stabbed and slashed 27 times and then shot in the head in his own bathroom in 2008.

Arias told the jury that trouble started when she was a kid, living in an abusive household. The horrors, according to Jodi, included being shoved into a door post by her father so hard she passed out and her mother striking her with a wooden spoon.

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She went on to describe Alexander as a controlling figure, and the defense revealed photographs of a t-shirt and panties he had allegedly labeled as “Travis Alexander’s” and “Travis.’”

When asked if she killed her ex, she said, “Yes I did,” followed by “the simple reason is he attacked me.”