'Revenge' Secrets and Spoilers!

From an explosive death to a mysterious appearance, “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli gets juicy “Revenge” secrets of the show’s upcoming new season.

Secret #1: Revenge is a dish best served cold, not soggy! “Revenge” star Emily VanCamp tells “Extra” her character in the show — also named Emily — could handle being held captive in an upcoming underwater scene, but the actress had a hard time filming beneath the ocean’s crushing waves.
Secret #2: A main character is dead! After last season came to an explosive close, one of the show’s leads did not survive.
Secret #3: Emily’s mother is actually alive! Jennifer Jason Leigh joined the cast to play Emily’s missing mom, who has some dark secrets of her own. She also has a mysterious connection to the Grayson family.
Secret #4: As if Emily’s love life weren’t already complicated enough, British actor Barry Sloane steps into the role of Aiden, a former flame who sparks a new interest. Barry tells “Extra,” there’s “a nice bit of action going on between both characters.”
Secret #5: Pregnant Amanda threatens to expose Emily’s true identity!