Kate Gosselin on Dating, Running, and Couponing

“Extra” recently sat down with celebrity mom Kate Gosselin, who said she isn’t opposed to doing a dating show.
“Yes, I would do a dating show, if it was tasteful and well done,” admitted the reality TV star.

She laughed, saying her eight kids ask her all the time if she is ever going date anyone new. “It's the constant discussion at dinner,” said Gosselin. “‘When are you going start dating somebody?’ And I keep telling them, ‘It's not like you go to the store and buy a date.’ I can't put it on my to-do list.”

For now, Kate is content with baking her own bread daily and staying in shape by going on 10-mile runs. “I enjoy the alone time. Nobody runs with me. My kids... goodbye!”
Gosselin is also giving money-saving tips on “I have always used coupons. If you're saving a dollar here, it's a dollar I can put somewhere else.”