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Tan Mom Reacts to Being Skewered on 'SNL'

New Jersey native Patricia Krenticil, who made headlines last week over her arrest for allegedly putting her 5-year-old daughter in a tanning booth, told the NY Post she loved her "SNL" roast. 

During the weekend skit, comedian Kristen Wiig wore dark makeup, a leather jacket and described the tanning mom as looking like a "baseball glove."

When Krenticil was asked what she thought of the skit, she told the Post, "It was well done…. The whole thing was hysterical."
At the end of the segment, Wiig (as Krenticil) put a slice of bread between her thighs and retrieved it as toast, mocking the half-baked 47-year-old for being the "Toast of the Town."
Krenticil was charged with child-endangerment charges April 24 after her daughter showed up at school with burns, reports NBC. After the little girl appeared on several TV interviews, visual skin damage was evident. Krenticil's daughter is now in her father's custody.