The Extra List: Curse of the Lottery

The Mega Millions jackpot currently stands at $640 million -- the largest in American history. The winner, if there is one, will be announced at 11 PM ET on March 30.

A winning ticket isn't always a pot of gold. The sudden influx of cash has wreaked havoc on past lottery winners, from facing divorce to ending up broke, or even dead, in a matter of years.


Cursed Lotto Winners

Charles Riddle, 1975

Won: $1 millionAftermath: Riddle faced a divorce and was later indicted for selling cocaine.

Evelyn Adams, 1986

Won: $5.4 millionAftermath: Adams, an obsessive gambler, claims to have lost all her loot playing the slots in Atlantic City.

William Post, 1988

Won: $16.2 millionAftermath: Within two years of winning the lottery, Post was sued by his girlfriend for a share of the money, and years later his brother hired a hit man to kill him in hopes of getting the loot. Post now lives alone and is near broke.

Willie Hurt, 1989

Won: $3.1 millionAftermath: Two years after hitting the lotto, Willie found himself charged with murder after blowing his money on crack and a divorce.

Andrew Jackson Whittaker, 2002

Won: $314.9 millionAftermath: The largest jackpot winner in history was robbed several times, including once for $500,000 after leaving a swanky strip club. Whittaker later became a heavy drinker and eventually divorced his wife.

Kenneth Parker, 2003

Won: $25 millionAftermath: Not long after he hit the jackpot, Kenneth and his wife filed for a divorce after 15 years of marriage.

Jeffrey Dampier, 2005

Won: $20 millionAftermath: Dampier's sister-in-law kidnapped and murdered him in hopes of claiming his winnings.

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