Low Calorie Super Bowl Menu Options!

In a recent survey of women who are planning to watch the Super Bowl, many believe that traditional game day party menus are lacking.

Skinny Cow Candy has teamed up two of the most knowledgeable women in football, Sarah and Ingrid Harbaugh, wives of brothers and rival head coaches Jim and John Harbaugh, to find the perfect game plan.


"Chips, dip and fried fatty foods are synonymous with traditional game day menus," said Ingrid Harbaugh. "Now, with more women watching the game, we need a menu designed for us, starting with lower calorie options and delicious chocolate, of course!"

"Ingrid and I know football and we also know how to throw the ultimate stress-free bash that we women can enjoy too," said Sarah Harbaugh. "Every football team has a game plan and so should you."

Skinny Cow Candy Game Plan

1. Intercept Planning Stress: Create a playbook. Make a shopping list and take advantage of coupons and sales at your local grocery store before game day.

2. Kick off a Potluck Party: Get your guests involved and make it a potluck party. Ask each guest bring his or her favorite football food or snack, and divide responsibilities by quarter.

3. Tackle Cravings: Game day parties are notoriously known for an abundance of fried foods and fatty appetizers, so keep a candy bowl full of yummy and carefree Skinny Cow Candy accessible. Keep it out throughout the game to ensure there is always something deliciously sweet to savor!

4. Making Smart Plays: Choosing low-fat cheese for your cheeseburger, substituting creamy fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream in your famous dip, and reaching for tasty Skinny Cow Candy are just a few ways to enjoy the big game AND your snacks.

Add these delectable, 120 calorie or less delights from the Skinny Cow Candy line to your game day menu: Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters or Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp candy bars.

Don't have a candy bowl divine enough to hold these new, decadent treats? Sarah and Ingrid helped create 25 custom-made, limited edition Skinny Cow Candy Bowls to be auctioned on eBay.com/skinnycowcandy starting today through February 5. Or go to Skinny Cow's Facebook page for game day party tips and instructions on how to bid. All proceeds will go to CureSearch for Children's Cancer, a charity dear to the Harbaugh family.

For additional product or nutritional information, visit www.skinnycow.com.