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Report: Karda$hian$ Kontinue to Ka$h In

When a recent report from the NY Post claimed the Kardashians' multi-million dollar empire was collapsing, thanks to Kim's short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries, Forbes stepped up to dispel the notion.


Brian Niemietz from The Post claimed the brunette reality family was losing out on lucrative nightclub appearances and magazine covers, coupled with a steady decline in ratings for their shows.

Forbes writer Meghan Casserly was quick to disprove Niemetz's story, writing, "The story comes across less as well-researched and more cat-fight mean. A statement illustrating a decline in nightclub hosting gigs for Kim is attributed to the owner of a single New York City restaurant. A decline in advertising endorsements is attributed to the expiration of the contract of a single brand."

Here is what Casserly concluded in the piece after her investigation:

1. Ratings for "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" are not falling. In fact, it's averaging its highest in four seasons, with 3 million viewers tuning in each week.

2. According to The Post, party promoters asserted that having a Kardashian hosting a nightclub bash would be a "disaster for business." Casserly reached out to the owner of Tibeca's Red Egg (featured in The Post) and found out that the establishment has never actually paid a celebrity to make an appearance, nor has it ever held a celebrity-hosted event.

3. While The Post reported that tabloid stories that highlight the Kardashians are lessening, Life & Style and In Touch say their sales are still strong, along with the public's interest in the family. Glamour and Cosmopolitan's top-selling 2011 issues featured Kim on the cover.

4. Kim wasn't "dropped" by shoe retailer Skechers and "replaced" by a dog. The terms "dropped" and "replaced" are misleading and untrue. The brand has a great relationship with Kim and continues to discuss new ways that they can work with the 31-year-old in the future.

Kim Kardashian's Boy Toys

Damon Thomas

Kim was previously married to record producer Damon Thomas.In 2000, 20-year-old Kim married Thomas in a quickie Las Vegas wedding.After three years, the couple divorced but not before some nasty allegations. In divorce papers that leaked in 2010, she accused Thomas of physical and emotional abuse.Thomas denied the allegations and accused his ex-wife of being "obsessed with fame."

Ray J

Kim's relationship with Ray J -- who is the younger brother singer Brandy, indirectly helped launch her career.The two began dating in 2006, but in February 2007 a sex tape featuring the couple "leaked," and was bought by Vivid Entertainment for $1 million.Kardashian sued for invasion of privacy and received a $5 million settlement.By the end of the year, the couple had split, but by then E! had begun airing "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." And the rest is history!

Nick Cannon

Before he said "I do" to Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon dated Kim.The two had an on-and-off relationship for years, but reportedly broke up after Cannon found out she had been seeing another Nick (Lachey).The pair reconciled, but only briefly. He ended the relationship after her relationship (and sex tape) with Ray J became public.

Nick Lachey

Kim and Nick Lachey were set up by former USC quarterback Matt Leinart (who would later introduce Kardashian to his former teammate Reggie Bush).The pair briefly dated before ending things when Lachey started dating Vanessa Minillo, who became the second Mrs. Lachey in July 2011.

Reggie Bush

Kim and football player Reggie Bush dated on and off for about three years.Their relationship was documented on her E! reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Cristiano Ronaldo

In April 2010, in between Reggie Bush and Miles Austin, Kim Kardashian found went on a few dates with Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.The two were spotted having dinner and making out in Spain, but it didn't last long.

Miles Austin

It's no secret Ms. Kardashian has a thing for pro athletes. Kim dated Dallas Cowboys star Miles Austin in the summer of 2010.

Michael Copon

Kim was rumored to have briefly dated "One Tree Hill" star Michael Copon in October of 2010.

Gabriel Aubry

After Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry announced their split in April 2010, the handsome hunk was spotted on the Lakers court with Kim.Less than a month later, Kim was introduced to future husband Kris Humphries.

Kris Humphries

After getting hitched on TV in an elaborate wedding to NBA star Kris Humphries on August 20, 2011, Kim filed for divorce 72 days later. She cited "irreconcilable differences."Many are speculating the split was partly due to where the couple was going to live - Kris wanted to eventually settle down in Minnesota, and Kim wanted to stay in L.A. for her career and family.