Ricky Gervais on Golden Globes: No Restrictions

Funnyman Ricky Gervais made an appearance on the "Today" show Friday, telling host Matt Lauer that his third time hosting the 2012 Golden Globes has become a quest to get it right.

"I got it a bit wrong I think, the first time. I tried too hard with the shtick, the comedy, and I should have just gone out there and done zingers, I think, because the attention span of someone at an award show, particularly the Golden Globe, is about a second," Gervais said.

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The Golden Globes host also said the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has placed no restriction on what he can do or say.

"I've never really succumbed to peer pressure. And this feeds into my humor. I deal in taboo subjects for that reason... Not only am I fascinated with them, but I like to take the audience to places that it hasn't been before," the comedian told Lauer. "Otherwise, what's the point?"

Gervais coyly said he will not return a fourth time. "This is -- no one believes me now -- this will be the last time. The last time for a while, at least. What tipped the balance was everyone saying they'd never invite me back."

The 69th annual Golden Globes will be presented Sunday, January 15 at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT on NBC!