Nicole Scherzinger on Crow's 'X Factor' Exit and Death Threats

Nicole Scherzinger arrived to The Grove to chat with "Extra's" Terri Seymour and showed up with security in tow, as the "X Factor" judge received death threats following a move that caused the elimination of 13-year-old fan favorite Rachel Crow.

Scherzinger said, "To get death threats is like, really scary for me. I was like, 'Now America is going to blame this on me, and it's not in my heart!'"

The 33-year-old singer created a deadlock after choosing not to vote between Marcus Canty and Crow, forcing producers to send Crow home. Upon finding out she was going home, Crow collapsed on the stage, sobbing. After the emotional moment, Nicole revealed, "[Rachel] came into the room [backstage] and she was a little angel. She said, 'I'm okay. Everything will be okay.'"

The "X Factor" star recently went X-rated for her racy new book, "Culo," in which she posed nude in a photo with a lei wrapped around her neck and henna tattoos decorating her curvy derriere. The coffee table book celebrates the female form -- in particular, the woman's backside.

Scherzinger revealed, "I didn't have anyone on set except for the photographer, and I wanted to pay homage to where I come from -- my Hawaiian heritage."

See Nicole on Wednesday and Thursday night on "X Factor," as the final four -- Melanie, Josh, Chris and Marcus battle it out.