'X Factor' Host Steve Jones on Storming Off 'Piers Morgan Tonight'

Steve Jones, host of the high-stakes competition show "X Factor," joined "Extra's" Renee Bargh at The Grove on Tuesday, and set the record straight about storming off the set of "Piers Morgan Tonight."

Jones explained, "At the end of the interview, I just said to him [Piers], 'Would you mind if I stormed off the show' because I've never done that before and it would be fun." The 34-year-old added, "That was the joke, there was no controversy... we were just messing around."

Steve, who is quite the ladies' man, has been romantically linked to Halle Berry and Hayden Panettiere, but told Bargh, "I've never dated any of those people."

At the end of the interview, Jones said, "You were saying earlier that apparently I'm irresistible and dating all of these Hollywood leading women... we went out for drinks."

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