Julia Roberts on Ryan Reynolds in 'Fireflies': 'He's So Great'

Pretty woman Julia Roberts, starring in the upcoming tearjerker "Fireflies in the Garden," told "Extra" correspondent Jerry Penacoli, "There's some serious acting going on here."

Roberts stars alongside Ryan Reynolds in the film, and said, "He's so great. He is such a full-blown actor in this movie."

The "Eat, Pray Love" star will step into the dark side as the Evil Queen in "Snow White," scheduled for release in March of 2012. Roberts admitted "it was pretty fun" playing the bad guy, adding, "I don't know what I was doing, but it was pretty delicious."


When Jerry asked if her kids (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 6, and Henry, 4) were excited about her upcoming fairy tale role, Julia explained, "Yes, [but] they don't really know I was the Evil Queen. They just know I was being a queen-kind-of-person at work, but they're too little for it, and I think it would be disturbing."

When asked what her thoughts were regarding the remake of 1990 sci-fi flick "Flatliners," in which she starred with Kiefer Sutherland, the actress replied, "They are? That seems quick. Didn't we just make that movie?"

Penacoli also wanted to know whether Roberts would ever consider an appearance on "Glee," noting Lea Michele said Julia would be her dream guest. The Oscar winner simply replied, "No."

"Fireflies in the Garden" will light up in theaters on Friday.