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Exclusive: Mr. and Mrs. Gene Simmons KISS and Tell

More than two decades of living happily ever after with two kids, a reality show and a music empire, Gene Simmons and longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed finally tied the knot in a dazzling Beverly Hills ceremony earlier this month.

In an exclusive first interview as husband and wife, the KISS rocker and his blushing bride invited "Extra's" Maria Menounos into their lovely home to talk about what it feels like to finally be Mr. and Mrs. Gene Simmons. Shannon concluded, "It feels... solid."

Referring to his new wedding band, Simmons said, "This is not being whipped. This is my power ring, baby!" The newlywed continued, "It took a long time for this little boy to grow up." His wife added, "But he did a good job."

Gene continued, "The most blessed thing that ever happened to me, other than our kids, is meeting the woman who made me a man!"

The couple agreed that the "Family Jewels" star wasn't ready to marry 28 years ago, and Simmons even had a special message to share. "You girls out there with the young boyfriends, get an older guy! I'm telling you, we're not mature. We don't grow up until really late in life."

For their honeymoon, Shannon said, "It looks like we're going on a KISS cruise." Gene added, "But right after the cruise, we're gonna go to New York and buy it." Maria asked, "Buy the cruise ship?" and the rocker replied, "No, New York."

Their romantic wedding will air October 18 on their A&E reality show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels."