'H8R' Recap: Eva Longoria Wins, Scott Disick Fails

The second "H8R" episode saw actress Eva Longoria and reality TV star Scott Disick confront their detractors.

Along with host Mario Lopez, Longoria watched in the wings as a guy dissed her for not being a "true Latina" -- emerging later to call him out. "I wanted to confront you because I feel like you were hating on me without knowing me," said Longoria to her surprised critic. Check out the clip!


Longoria was able to win over her H8R, but Disick, who is Kourtney Kardashian's significant other, did not fare as well. His critic was not swayed by what Disick had to say -- and he decided he didn't like his H8R either. Watch the clip!

Next week on "H8R," Kim Kardashian meets up with her defamer.