Dr. Perricone: Miracle Diet Secrets to Turn Back the Clock!

Anti-aging guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone shows a way to erase years from your face... with a special cream called High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift, and by eating healthy foods!

Dr. Perricone urges clients to stay away from Botox and to maintain a healthy diet of lean meats, veggies and fresh fruit.

The doc's secret ingredient for ageless skin is contained in an ingredient called DMAE, which has a powerful anti-aging effect. DMAE is "found in foods like salmon, but when applied topically, they increase the tone of the skin."

Dr. Perricone reveals some excellent anti-aging sources such as olive oil, watercress and berries. He says if you follow his "Three-Day Facelift in a Fridge" -- which consists of eating certain superfoods, "you will be so radiant after the fourth day, people will ask you, 'What did you do?'"

He continues, "Coconut oil actually helps us reduce our abdominal fat, and black pepper actually makes us burn body fat."

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