'Extra' Raw! The Perfect Storm with Stephen Moyer

In a dramatic trip to Puerto Rico for the premiere of "The Caller," "Extra's" Renee Bargh got caught up in Hurricane Irene -- literally flying through the Category 3 storm!

Watch Renee and Stephen take it all in stride!

"True Blood's" Stephen Moyer stars in this spooky new film, which should have been the scariest part of the trip, but was unfortunately overshadowed by Bargh's nightmare travel experience. Nonetheless, Moyer spoke about what motivated him to be involved in "The Caller," saying, "I just thought it was an excellent thriller. I am in something that has horror in the genre ["True Blood"], so I wanted to do something different than what I ordinarily do."

During their stay in Puerto Rico, the premiere was canceled due to the power outage. Moyer joked about the situation, saying, "We haven't got any electricity, nobody's showering... we're all having cold showers. Uh, yeah, you stink!"