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Report: Sheen's Roast Burns Brooke Mueller's Rump

The day after it was announced that Charlie Sheen will be the center of a hot roasting on Comedy Central, TMZ reported ex-wife Brooke Mueller doesn't want her name mentioned. Sources close to Mueller explained that she wants to be "completely off limits" during what promises to be a harsh belittling on Comedy Central.

If the comedians and Sheen do not comply with Mueller's request, she may take legal action. "He better not go there," the source warned. "Going there" might violate the couple's divorce settlement - which prohibits Charlie from discussing Brooke's past drug use.

Sheen was spotted in Beverly Hills on Tuesday and talked about his decision to be roasted. He told the pap, "First time for everything, you know."

The actor also revealed he met Eloise Joni, Denise Richards' new baby girl. "I just met it. Met her. I'm sorry, I just met it!"

Denise Adopts Baby Girl

Sheen dropped a few hints on his new TV show, saying, "I'm going to be involved in every aspect of it." When asked what the name of the show was, Charlie replied, "I don't want to piss Joe Roth off." Roth has produced some of Hollywood's biggest films, including "Major League," "Alice in Wonderland" and "Young Guns."