Charlie Sheen Heading to TV with 'Anger Management'

How perfect for Charlie Sheen. The actor is talking about a new TV show based on the 2003 comedy "Anger Management."

Sources directly involved told TMZ that producer Joe Roth, who produced and owns the rights to the film, is the one spearheading the project.


The film centers on a beleaguered man (Adam Sandler), who reaches a breaking point and lashes out, resulting in court-ordered anger management classes, run by an unorthodox counselor, played by Jack Nicholson.

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The show will vary a bit, with Sheen's character being an ex-jock who receives his masters in social work and becomes a counselor to defendants with anger management problems while dealing with his own anger issues. Natch.

TMZ reports a deal with Lionsgate is in the final stages of negotiations, but as of now, no network is attached.

Sheen dropped a few hints on his new TV show when paparazzi caught up with him in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, saying, "I'm going to be involved in every aspect of it."

In other Sheen news, the 45-year-old talked about his decision to be roasted on Comedy Central, telling the pap, "First time for everything, you know."

The actor also revealed he met Eloise Joni, Denise Richards' new baby girl. "I just met it. Met her. I'm sorry, I just met it!"

Roth has worked with Sheen on five films, including "Major League," "Young Guns" and "Three Musketeers."