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Selena Gomez on the Justin Bieber Attack

"Extra" caught up with actress Selena Gomez at the NYC premiere of her new comedy "Monte Carlo," where we asked her about boyfriend Justin Bieber's recent scuffle in front of a Macy's store.

Gomez said she hasn't spoken to Bieber since it happened, but offered, "I'm sure he's fine. Everybody said he's fine."

When asked if she and Justin would ever work together, the Disney Channel star replied, "No, probably not. I'm focusing on myself."

What Gomez really wanted to talk about is her new film, in which she plays a young woman traveling to Europe with her two friends, and mistaken for a British heiress. "I had the best time. This film is kind of a departure for me. It's just a sweet movie and I'm really proud of it."

Is Selena taking care of herself after her recent health scare? "I am. I was low in iron and I was dehydrated, so it was decided that I should incorporate more vegetables and chicken. The stuff your mom wants you to eat."

"Monte Carlo" opens in theaters July 1.