What Will Katie Couric Do Next?

"Extra's" AJ Calloway caught up with "CBS News Anchor" Katie Couric and talked about her plans for the future after her contract with CBS ends in May. When asked about the whether she will reunite with her former "Today" show co-host Matt Lauer, she replied, "Maybe one day down the road, but not in the foreseeable future."

In Couric's new book, "The Best Advice I Ever Got," she chronicles the life lessons she received over the past year, relying on essays, brief comments and even poems, from a wide range of prominent people including politicians, CEOs and even royalty.

AJ prompted Couric to give her own advice for Donald Trump, should he decide to run for president. Katie responded, "I don't know... maybe go a little easier on the inflammatory rhetoric."

When Calloway inquired about a rumor that Katie might make a move to Oprah's OWN, she said, "I haven't heard that, but of course she's wonderful, and gee, I don't know... Oprah, call me!"