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Trump Hits the Stump: 'Obama Can Be Beaten in 2012'

Billionaire Donald Trump talked politics with "Extra," saying he believes President Obama is vulnerable in the next election. "By the right person, he can be beaten easily," trumpeted Trump, adding, "I actually think getting the nomination will be more difficult than beating the President."

He sounded more like Candidate Trump than ever, expressing his disappointment in current policy. "When you talk about change, change, change -- the change was not for the better, it was for the worse."

Oprah Wants to Get Her Hands on Donald's Hair!

Interestingly, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is the favorite to win New Hampshire, according to a Public Policy poll released Tuesday, but the Donald trails closely -- should he decide to run.

Before Mr. Trump starts handing out his 2012 bumper stickers, he's busy chasing bumpers as the pace car driver in next month's Indy 500. If he finds himself in a convertible going 140 miles per hour, he may have to rethink Oprah's makeover offer! The curiously coifed mogul said, "You know I love Oprah. She is a special woman and I am really considering it."