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The Stars Unite to Help Tsunami Victims

The stars of Hollywood are mobilizing to raise money and aid for Japan's tsunami victims -- including Lady Gaga designing a prayer bracelet, and P. Diddy, Conan, and Katy Perry using Twitter to get their fans involved in helping out. Charlie Sheen has also vowed to donate one dollar from every ticket sold to his comedy mini-tour!

"Dateline" reporter Ann Curry went to Japan and helped find a missing teacher after her family reached out to Curry via Twitter. After the emotional telephone reunion, the family tweeted, "Ann Curry I love you. Thank you for finding my sister."


Thailand tsunami survivor Petra Nemcova set the record straight and told "Extra" she will not be quitting "Dancing with the Stars" in order to pursue full-time work for her disaster relief charity. Nemcova plans to do both.

To find out more on how you can help, please visit the American Red Cross.