'Extra' Celebrates '30 Rock's' 100th Episode with Alec Baldwin

AJ Calloway was in New York with the comedic cast of hit show "30 Rock" to commemorate its 100th episode, to air next month. Alec Baldwin caught AJ's attention and said, "Get over here! Just stop talking! Let me do the talking!"

Alec revealed to AJ that if Charlie Sheen were a Baldwin brother he would "disconnect my cell phone and go let him figure it out on his own!" The actor added, "You can't fight the industry and win."

Also present to ring in the celebration was "30 Rock's" executive producer and star, Tina Fey. Alec asked Fey, "Can we get another 100?" to which she frankly responded, "I think the four of us would drop dead!"

One-hundred episodes of a series is a significant milestone in that it assures a lifespan in syndication.

The special 100th show will feature what Alec described, "A bunch of greedy, horny, power-driven people trying to get what they want. That's comedy."

"30 Rock" will air its special hour-long episode on April 21.