Anne Hathaway to Play Lesbian Aunt on 'Glee'

Following last night's second Golden Globe win for Best Comedy, Hollywood A-listers continue to knock on "Glee's" door. Anne Hathaway has just finalized a deal to appear on the hit comedy show as Chris Colfer's lesbian aunt, an off-the-wall role she created for herself.


Hathaway told Jimmy Fallon back in November that she had already envisioned her character's role. "I would want to play Kurt's (Chris Colfer's) long lost aunt, his mother's sister, who is also gay, who comes back to help him deal with sexuality. And I would sing 'No One Is Alone' from Stephen Sondheim's epic show 'Into the Woods.'"

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No word yet on exactly when Miss Hathaway will appear on "Glee."

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