Al Pacino on Globe Win: 'You Get Kind of Nervous'

Actor Al Pacino, who picked up a Golden Globe for his electric performance in HBO's "You Don't Know Jack," told "Extra's" Mario Lopez he still gets butterflies in his stomach when he wins.

"As I was walking, I thought, 'Will my legs make it to the stage?' because you get kind of nervous," admitted the veteran star. "Yeah, it takes your breathe away. It's very exciting."

Pacino did say that seeing friendly faces helped. "On my way to the stage, I saw a couple of faces that were familiar and friendly, and it just gave me kind of a support," but added, "There were many of them I didn't know but would love to work with."

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As for his many years as a bachelor, Pacino laughed, "I would say it if I felt I was against marriage. I'm not. It just never happened. Maybe that's not so good and maybe it's good. I don't know yet. The jury is out as they say. And there's hope for me. I'm hoping. It's one of the reasons I believe in commitment."