Look Who's Talking! 'Extra's' Talk Show Roundup

Here's "Extra's" roundup of talk show guests for the week of Jan. 10 - 14, including Paula Abdul on "Ellen" and Queen Latifah stopping by "The View." Vince Vaughn stays up late for "Late Show with David Letterman," and Seth Rogen checks-in at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno."


"The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

MON 1/10: Dennis Quaid, Nicki Minaj

TUES 1/11: Paula Abdul, Richard Simmons

WED 1/12: Jenny McCarthy, Chris Harrison

THURS 1/13: Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks

FRI 1/14: Neil Patrick Harris

"Today Show"

MON 1/10: Johnny Weir

TUES 1/11: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Justin Timberlake, Aaron Sorkin, Jesse Eisenberg

WED 1/12: Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Spoke Lee, Martha Stewart

THURS 1/13: Ron Howard, Chef David Walzog

FRI 1/14: Stacy London

"The View"

MON 1/10: Father Alberto Cutie

TUES 1/11: Former Governor Tim Pawlenty, Paul Giamatti, Elizabeth Mitchell

WED 1/12: Spike Lee, Tonya Lewis Lee, Martin Henderson

THURS 1/13: Queen Latifah, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

FRI 1/14: Timothy Ferriss, Dr. Fredric Brandt, Brad Lamm

"Live with Regis and Kelly"

MON 1/10: Jennifer Connelly, Suzanne Somers, guest co-host Seth Meyers

TUES 1/11: Seth Rogen, Leighton Meester, guest co-host Mark Consuelos

WED 1/12: Vince Vaughn, Minnie Driver, guest co-host Jerry O'Connell

THURS 1/13: Kevin James, Kim Raver

FRI 1/14: Ginnifer Goodwin, guest co-host Randy Jackson

"The Oprah Winfrey Show"

MON 1/10: Jenny McCarthy -- After the Big Breakup, Plus Author Terry McMillan

TUES 1/11: The Worst Days of Their Lives and the Miraculous Twist of Fate

WED 1/12: First Television Interview -- Ricky Martin Coming Out as a Gay Man

THURS 1/13: The Five Things You Need to Do In 2011

FRI 1/14: Money Powerhouse Suze Orman's Intervention with Octomom Nadya Suleman

"The Wendy Williams Show"

MON 1/10: Vanessa Williams and the Cast of "The Game"

TUES 1/11: Regina King, Father Albert Cutie discusses his new book "Dilemma"

WED 1/12: Suzanne Somers, Aretha Franklin, Chrisette Michele, Johnny Weir

THURS 1/13: Debi Mazar, Terry Crews

FRI 1/14: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Tatyana Ali


"Late Show with David Letterman"

MON 1/10: Bill Cosby, a Top Ten List presented by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, The Black Keys

TUES 1/11: Vince Vaughn, Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz, Cage the Elephant

WED 1/12: Kevin James, Olivia Munn

THURS 1/13: Gregg Allman

FRI 1/14: Joan Rivers, Jeff Caldwell, Wintersleep

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

MON 1/10: Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez , Ryan Seacrest, Steven Tyler

TUES 1/11: Bill Maher, Melissa McCarthy, The Duke Spirit

WED 1/12: Seth Rogen, Ted Williams

THURS 1/13: Cameron Diaz, Eric Stonestreet, 20 Seconds to Mars

FRI 1/14: Michael Douglas, Julie Scardina

"Lopez Tonight"

MON 1/10: Lauren Graham, Will Sasso, Plain White T's

TUES 1/11: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Maz Jobrani

WED 1/12: Roseanne Barr, Danny Pudi, El Debarge featuring Faith Evans, Michael Bearden & the Ese Vatos

THURS 1/13: David Duchovny, Kristen Schaal, Saving Abel

"Jimmy Kimmel Live"

MON 1/10: Cameron Diaz, Scott Foley, The Wombats

TUES 1/11: Channing Tatum, Mamie Gummer, A Day to Remember

WED 1/12: Sandra Oh, Rico Rodriguez, Nolan Gould

THURS 1/13: Seth Rogen, Elle Fanning, The Damned Things

FRI 1/14: Rerun TBA

"Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson"

MON 1/10: Roseanne Barr, Joe Theismann

TUES 1/11: Paula Abdul, Dave Attell

WED 1/12: David Duchovny, Jo Frost

THURS 1/13: Denis Leary, Kathleen Madigan

FRI 1/14: Paul Giamatti, Piper Perabo

"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"

MON 1/10: Winona Ryder, Regina King, Okkervil River

TUES 1/11: Jennifer Connelly, Jerry O'Connell, Tom Tom Club

WED 1/12: Paul Giamatti, Faith Hill, Cake

THURS 1/13: Donald Trump, Ginnifer Goodwin, Neon Trees

FRI 1/14: Candice Bergen, Colin Jost


MON 1/10: Adam Sandler, Guster, Donald Glover

TUES 1/11: Javier Bardem, Rashida Jon, Steel Train

WED 1/12: Denis Leary, Ice Cube, Tim Minchin

THURS 1/13: Ricky Gervais, Kaitlin Olson, Cheap Trick

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

MON 1/10: Denis Leary

TUES 1/11: Colin Firth

WED 1/12: Gov. Tim Pawlenty

THURS 1/13: Ron Howard

"The Colbert Report"

MON 1/10: Fen Montaigne

TUES 1/11: Chris Hughes

WED 1/12: Bernard-Henri Levy

THURS 1/13: Kevin Spacey

"Chelsea Lately, E!"

MON 1/10: Sophia Bush, Brad Wllack, Dov Davidoff, Arden Myrin

TUES 1/11: Zach Gilford, Jo Koy, Jason Sklar, Sarah Colonna

WED 1/12: Sara Bareilles, Loni Love, Bobby Lee

THURS 1/13: Roseanne Barr, Matt Braunger, Josh Wolf , Ross Matthews

FRI 1/14: Kevin Spacey, Chris Franjola, Whitney Cummings, Michael Yo