Oprah: Launching OWN Was 'Much Harder'<br> Than I Thought

Media queen Oprah Winfrey stopped to chat with "Extra" Thursday at OWN's reception for the Television Critics Winter Press Tour -- and dished all about the launch of her new network and what a struggle it's been.

"Harder, much harder. Much harder!" Winfrey replied when asked if she thought launching OWN was going to be easier or harder than she expected.

"All along I was saying it's a launch. It's not the raisin' of the baby, it's just the birthin' of the baby," the talk show host explained. "And now we gotta get the clothes and get the babies to school. You gotta build, build, build."

After all her hard work, you'd think Oprah would take a break, but not quite yet, she says. "Originally, I had thought I was going to end the 'Oprah' show and take a little cruise for myself... and it's the opposite. So I'll be vacationing around 2014."

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Still focused on her ABC talk show, which will end in September after 25 years, Oprah said they've begun talking about who her final guest should be.

"We just started having meetings this week about that. What should the last thing be? Should it be a big woo woo woo, or should it be something softer?

"Extra" and PopEater.com want to know... who should be Oprah's final interview?