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Sofia Vergara Cooks Up Some Casting

"Extra's" Lauren Sanchez met up with "Modern Family" in the kitchen, where Sofia Vergara was helping celebrity Chef Stuart O'Keeffe launch a new Tupperware product, the SmartSteamer.

Vergara explained, "Stuart is going to do spicy chicken, but the great thing is: it's going to be really fast because it's with the SmartSteamer! Can you believe it? I cook, too!"

Along with cooking talk, the actress chatted about how well her beau, Nick Loeb, is doing after his serious car accident in August.

"[Nick] is doing great. Finally, he's walking," said Vergara. "He's walking like a baby starting to walk, 'cause his legs got atrophied. Now I can see he's gonna be the same person again."

Does he cook? "I've been very lucky, ya know? Men don't usually want me in the kitchen."

Vergara also joked about who would be the perfect people to play her TV parents, like Al Pacino as her dad. "I was kidding around, but I thought it would be fantastic because my son always tells me I sound like Tony Montana."

And her mom? "Sophia Loren!" Natch.

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