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Justin Bieber Takes 'First Step' with 'Extra'

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is definitely one of the busiest kids in showbiz -- sold-out tours, back-to-back appearances -- and now a New York Times best-selling book!

Justin Bieber

The singer still had time for an "Extra" sit-down, telling us how "excited" he is about the book. "It's called "First Step 2 Forever," which means this is only the beginning. "There's so much more to come," he said, adding, "I'm really excited I was given the opportunity to write a book and really express my feelings about what's been going on."

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And how does he feel about this whirlwind trip to stardom he's been on since his mother first posted his singing talents on YouTube? "It's been amazing and crazy, this whole experience, and I'm really glad I've been in this position to not only live my dream but to help people."

At the Power of Youth event, "Extra" special correspondent Ava Sambora, Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear's 13-year-old daughter, asked the Beebs about being a role model. "It's important to me that I am a positive role model because so many people do look up to me, you know? And they're watching every step that I'm taking."