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David Arquette Continues to Share on the Air

Actor David Arquette is still intent on clearing the air about his strained marriage to Courteney Cox. He made a second appearance on his friend Howard Stern's radio show Wednesday to talk about the separation, the media, other women and all the emotional turmoil he's going through.

Arquette said he cried when he had sex with someone else after he and Courteney separated. "After the first girl I slept with... a few days later... I was, like, crying..." he said. "It was the end of all the intimacy I shared with my wife. It was like a new thing. It was like... putting that away."

The "Scream" actor also admitted they did not sign a prenup. Cox is said to be worth $100 million. But Arquette reiterated he was "still f*****g in love" with his wife.

Watch a clip from the show, courtesy of HowardTV!

The entire, hour-long interview can be seen starting October 28 -- only on Howard TV on Demand, and will be available for about three weeks.