Rick Sanchez Apologizes to Jon Stewart

Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez made nice with "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart by issuing an official apology for the derogatory comments he made about Stewart and Jewish people in a radio interview last Friday.


Sanchez, who was fired following the interview, said in a statement, "I am very much opposed to hate and intolerance, in any form, and I have frequently spoken out against prejudice. Despite what my tired and mangled words may have implied, they were never intended to suggest any sort of narrow-mindedness and should never have been made. I sincerely extend this apology to anyone else whom I may have offended."

Sanchez also said he and Stewart had a "very good conversation," and that Sanchez was sorry for his "inartful comments" in reference to his calling Stewart a "bigot." He also praised his former employers, CNN, describing his exit in slightly more friendly terms than what has been reported.

As for his future, Sanchez said he would continue to promote his book. "I look forward to my next step with great anticipation... and will continue to promote my book, 'Conventional Idiocy,' in the hopes of broadening the discussion to get a better understanding between all Americans, regardless of race, creed or religion."