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Tom Selleck Says 'Three Men' Sequel in the Works

Actor Tom Selleck visited "Extra's" Mario Lopez at The Grove and said a third installment of the "Three Men" franchise is in development, to be called "Three Men and a Bride."

"It's real. Disney is developing a script. They're waiting until they get it just right," Selleck revealed. "It's a great idea. I know Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg and I all feel the same way -- the franchise was so good to us. We want it to be a good story and good script. If it's that, we are all onboard."

In the meantime, Selleck is starring in the new CBS show "Blue Bloods," playing a New York City police commissioner whose adult kids are also involved in law enforcement. The show is filmed primarily in the Big Apple, but Selleck, who lives with his family in L.A., explained he gets two weeks off a month.

"I'm one of four leads, so I'm able to get two weeks in L.A. It's a great gig, a good job. I hate the travel and the flying, but this is a nice deal."

On a side note, Mario asked the famously mustachioed Selleck his advice for wearing a stache. "I think you can," Selleck replied. "I see a little shadow. It means you're pumping enough testosterone to get it."

"Blue Bloods" premieres Friday, Sept. 24 at 10:00 PM on CBS. Watch the trailer. See the complete 2010 Fall TV Schedule.