Dr. Oz Talks About His Recent Cancer Scare

Doctors Mehmet Oz and Drew Pinsky joined "Extra's" Mario Lopez at The Grove to talk about pressing health issues -- including Dr. Oz's recent brush with cancer.

"I had a colonoscopy for my 50th birthday. What a great thing to give yourself, huh?" Dr. Oz said. "I've no family history, never been overweight, don't drink, don't smoke and very low risk. Halfway through it, a good friend of mine, who was doing the scan, says 'Wake up! Wake up! There's a polyp' and I opened my eyes, and I'm looking at a pre-cancerous polyp. I realized a bullet just whizzed by my head."

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The TV doctor is going to be just fine, but it prompted one "Extra" fan to ask -- is cancer hereditary? Oz answered, "Everybody around us -- every single person -- has cancer right now, but our immune system is finding that bad boy cancer and taking it out." Dr. Drew added, "Some cancers are genetic and clearly, some increase risk. Some genetic heritage increase risk and some we just don't know."

Moving onto relationship questions, another fan asked Dr. Drew why she was so afraid of marriage. "Usually that's an abandonment problem. Somebody left your life early on, and it's still sort of a scar, a residual. When you get close with somebody, they are unavailable, like a bad boy thing. Or when you get involved with a good guy, you'll nuke it. That's a way of avoiding intimacy, so you might want to see somebody and talk about it. It's a pretty easy thing to treat."

Mario had his own question to ask regarding tips on what to look out for as a new dad. "It's not going to be easy. Nothing will be the same," Dr. Drew offered, while Dr. Oz said, "You have to be No. 1 for each other still. This child is dependent on you loving each other. You need to spend time with one another or it becomes all about the child and the relationship gets depleted."

Dr. Drew added one other piece of advice. "Give her lots of massages."