'Extra' Reel: 'Inception' Cast Talks about Filming

The anticipated summer sci-fi thriller "Inception" hits theaters today, and "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli has your behind-the-scenes look with Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest of the cast!

Leo is haunted in his dreams for his role in "Inception," but he says that in real life he's a pretty sound sleeper. "The truth is I'm not a very big dreamer," the actor told Jerry. "I don't remember them very well."

DiCaprio has a dream team of co-stars, including French beauty and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

"I thought it was so original and unique," Cotillard told "Extra" about when she first read the script. Marion says she had some trouble maintaining an American accent in the film. "I learned English too late to be able to have a total American accent."

Page said, "I am humbled and excited to be in it."

Check out this mind-bender, in theaters now.