Al Gore Accuser's Story Falling Apart

The sexual assault charge against former Vice President Al Gore is melting as fast as an iceberg in a heat wave, again.

al gore

In a probing article by the Portland Tribune, Molly Hagerty, the masseuse who claims she was sexually molested by Gore in 2006, apparently kept the pair of pants she was wearing during the incident, with what she claims was a semen stain.

The Tribune reports tests done on the pants came back negative, and that she failed a polygraph test. Three different lawyers also refused to represent her at the time.

The story also details how the paper was approached by Hagerty in 2008 to tell her story, but after researching the claim it was determined that there wasn't enough credible evidence to support it -- and they didn't run the story.

Hagerty also approached Newsweek, who declined, but eventually went to the National Enquirer.