'Extra' Has the Men of 'Sex and the City 2'

While the "Sex and the City 2" gals are globetrotting, "Extra" has the "SATC 2" guys!

John Corbett, aka Aidan, stopped by to talk about the new movie and told "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli what he thinks the deal is between his character and Carrie.

"Well, Aidan was burned," Corbett said. "He was burned by Mr. Big 10 years ago, so he's gone all the way around the world to get back what's rightfully his. I suspect he's been following for her quite sometime now."

Would that be borderline stalking? "Not even borderline -- full frontal stalking, peeping, tapping," the actor joked.

"It ends, in my mind, with a duel between Big and Aidan, and Aidan does not loose the duel."

How was it working with Sarah Jessica Parker again? "They're timeless," Corbett said. "Working with Sarah Jessica again it was like somebody invented a time capsule machine and we jumped in and went back 10 years. Not even an extra line in her face... it's just good healthy living on all their parts. They're always smiling from within -- all those girls."

"Extra's" Terri Seymour also caught up with hottie Jason Lewis, who makes a guest appearance as Samantha's old love, Smith Jerrod, in the new "SATC" film -- and guess what? He's not dating!

Seymour asked him what kind of girl he's looking for? "That's a question I get asked a lot," Lewis explained. "It's a question I've never answered because I'm not an idiot. So I don't really think in those terms like that, putting somebody in a box like that. I mean intelligence, for sure. For me, somebody who's got an active lifestyle, so they understand why I'm taking off all the time."