Cher to Go Back on Tour?

In an exclusive interview, "Extra's" Lauren Sanchez caught up with Cher backstage at her Colosseum concert at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace. The star dished about her new film, "Burlesque" with Christina Aguilera, and talked about her body -- and the possibility of a new concert tour.

When asked if she thinks she'll ever tour again, Cher got a little tongue-tied, telling Lauren, "Oy... oy... please oy, oy, um... I keep hoping 'Burlesque' is a hit so I'll have two new numbers to do." Still evasive, she does at least admit, "Well it's kind of a yes. I guess it's almost a yes, but it's not quite a yes." Is that clear? The woman sitting with Cher is her best friend and choreographer, Doriana Sanchez.

The legendary performer, who turned 64 today, keeps her amazing figure by constant exercise, saying, "I've been doing exercise my whole life... I regenerate myself by doing it."

Cher has been in the spotlight for 45 years and she's definitely learned a few things along the way. "Don't sweat the small stuff," she said. "You know, something that can seem so gigantic at the time -- it just disappears in smoke and mostly what you remember are the fun things you did. You don't really remember the horrible things, or if you do, they're kind of funny."

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