Week One of Betty Petitt's 'Extra Lean' Challenge

Greetings from Blue Team member Petitti (Betty Petitt)!

The first week on the diet was hard. I used every snack available. I think the big adjustment was just getting used to smaller portions and bypassing the freezer case with frozen dinners at the supermarket.

extra lean

By the second week, I wasn't as hungry and was eating slower -- even skipping some snacks. The big help was a mid-afternoon snack of almonds or Gold Standard Whey Protein, which made me feel fuller and didn't have me racing out the door at 4 PM to find dinner.

My nighttime snack is yogurt, plus 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal -- the fiber really fills me up. Trying to find time for aqua aerobics and Scottish Country Dancing has been a challenge because of my volunteer activities and medication I'm on for my back problems; which is making me sleepy. I did lose 5 pounds the first week and stay motivated because what I do affects the whole Blue Team, not just me.