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New Vodka Campaign Asks 'R U Bot or Not?'

SVEDKA Vodka wants you to starting saying "That's Bot" instead of "That's Hot"!

Kim Kardashian

They launched this new "Bot or Not" TV campaign in March 2010 to promote their vodka and came up with the specialty cocktail Hot_Bot. SVEDKA Vodka already has a large celebrity following including Kim Kardashian, Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Aniston, Ed Norton and Orlando Bloom.

If you want to enjoy a SVEDKA Hot_Bot at home or serve them at your next bash, check out the recipe after the jump:


2 parts Svedka Clementine
2.5 parts light cranberry juice
1 part sour mix
Pinch ground ginger
Combine ingredients and shake vigorously. Pour into glass. Splash with soda water. Garnish with orange twist.