Hair Hits and Misses in 2009

Tabatha Coffey is brutally honest on her show "Tabatha's Salon Takeover," where she helps transform struggling hair salons. Now Coffey is brutally honest with the hair hits and misses for 2009.

Hair Hits and Misses in 2009

Hit! Rihanna

“I love Rihanna,” Coffey reveals. “I think everything she does is fantastic”

Coffey says the singer “pushes the envelope” and “always looks great.”

Coffey says her clients often ask for Rihanna’s hairstyles at her salon, Industrie Hair Gurus in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Miss! Lindsay Lohan

Coffey calls the actress’ blonde locks “a mess” and “disheveled.” “I would like to see her pull it together,” she adds.

Hit! Braids

Coffey says you can’t go wrong with the braided hairstyles worn by Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie. “Braids are still in,” she assures. “Braids and texture are on the runway.”

Miss! Cassie

Coffey has been working in salons since she was 14, but she cannot comprehend why the R&B singer shaved off half her hair.

“That’s ridiculous,” Coffey exclaims. “Why the hell did she do that?”

Hit! Kristen Stewart

Coffey is a fan of Stewart’s shorter, darker locks. She says her long hair was “boring” and the new cut gives “her a little more edge.”

Miss! Padma Lakshmi

“I’m a huge fan of bangs and I love heavy dramatic bangs, but they close her face in too much,” Coffey explains. “You can’t see her great cheek bones and great eyes.”

Hit! Robert Pattinson

Coffey agrees with Twi-hards and likes the “New Moon” hunk’s “messy,” “sexy” hair.

Miss! Ashlee Simpson

Coffey admires people that take risks but she doesn’t like Simpson’s darker ‘do. "I don’t love it black. It’s too solid and monochromatic, she confesses. “Too passé and goth-looking.”

Hit! Taylor Swift

Coffey says au naturel can work, “I love Taylor Swift’s waves. Her hair always looks great.” She continues, “What I love about her is she always looks age appropriate and fresh. Her waves look beautiful.”

Miss! Katharine McPhee

Coffey says she hates McPhee’s new look. The gorgeous “American Idol” finalist chopped her long brown hair and dyed it bleach blonde. “Her hair was beautiful, long and dark and it worked for her,” Coffey explains.

Hit! Jessica Alba

The actress dyed her brunette locks blonde earlier in the year, but Coffey is glad she went back to her natural color. “She’s better with darker hair,” Coffey says.

Miss! Kellie Pickler

The country cutie showed off her new auburn hair at the CMA Awards. “I think it was an okay change, but I liked her better blonde,” Coffey states. “Blonde suited her better. I didn’t love the transformation.”

Hit! Britney Spears

“She looks better. I can see that she is trying,” Coffey explains. “She is better blonde than any other color. I thought her hair looked fabulous on tour.”

Miss! Kate Gosselin

Don’t walk into Coffey’s salon and ask for the reality TV mom’s style. “I hate Kate Gosselin’s hair,” Coffey remarks.

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