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Josh Duhamel Spending Christmas With Fergie

Josh Duhamel and Fergie will be together on Christmas.

When asked by "Extra" about their holiday plans, Duhamel, 37, said, "I'm just gonna spend it with my wife and her family this year."

The couple -- who last month strongly denied reports that Duhamel had a relationship with a stripper while married -- were also together on Thanksgiving despite busy movie and touring schedules.

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Duhamel -- who will compete in a 100-mile adventure race called Drambuie Pursuit in Scotland next spring -- also opened up to "Extra" about working with his wife.

"Fergie and I have made a lot of songs together, but you don't want to hear any of them," Duhamel joked to "Extra." "Her part is usually pretty solid, but then I come in and ruin the whole thing."

The actor guarantees that if their tunes got out, fans of the couple wouldn't be impressed.

"You're probably not going to hear any songs -- no Sonny and Cher with us, unfortunately," he said.

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Duhamel stars alongside Katie Holmes in the upcoming film "The Romantics," and tells "Extra" that Holmes' husband Tom Cruise impressed him when they met on-set.

"He's a great dude, he really is," Duhamel said of Cruise. "I was really impressed by them, and how tight their little family is. It's really sweet."

"The Romantics" hits theatres in 2010.